Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A new day

Diesel loves mornings. He's a morning dog.

On a work day the alarm goes off at 6:04 A.M. (which is actually 5:54 A.M. due to the obligatory 10-minute-fast rule where I fool myself into believing I got an extra ten minutes of sleep). Diesel sleeps in his crate which is on my side of the bed in the bedroom. Moments after the alarm sounds I can here him shift out of his slumber and yawn his "squeaky gate" yawn. As soon as I open his crate door he saunters out and greets the day with a series of cleansing stretches and flops on his back for a good back roll. Dog yoga. His version of sun salutations. While he does this I'm scrambling to put in my contacts and find some clothes for our morning walk – the first order of business for the day. Perhaps I should consider the yoga option as well.

His morning walk is when he's least focused on walking on a loose leash and most focused on greeting the new day. New smells, dew on the snout, grass to nibble … he can't take it all in fast enough. This morning he was a bit more focused than usual on a squirrel scampering across the road. As he tugged forward on his lead I thought I would "snap him out of it" by gently bumping my ankle into his hip, Cesar Millan-style. His focus remained on the squirrel. I tried again. Nothing – wasn't phased. I looked up to see a man walking an unconcerned black dog towards us. The man seemed to have an inquisitive look on his face as to why I was bumping the beagle with my leg. I felt mean. I gave Diesel a sideways tug on the lead and we carried on. I guess not everyone watches The Dog Whisperer.

I have to say I don't mind getting up in the morning. I'm not quite as enthusiastic or wide-awake as Diesel first thing but I catch on. Morning walks are one of the biggest pluses Diesel has brought into my life. What better way to wake up than to take a half hour checking out the world, experiencing the weather, stretching the legs, and noticing the subtle differences in nature day to day. I couldn't motivate myself to wake up to this routine on a daily basis so I thank Diesel for this. The walk is even better to imagine how he's experiencing the world. If I could have a wish I would wish that I could smell the world like a beagle does for a day. I can't even imagine how powerful that sense must be. And since I'd be experiencing this great sense of smell as a beagle would I would find that roadkill blue jay a fascinating find. How weird. And I would be able to tell who had passed my way before because of their invisible scent. Kind of like being a detective or a medium. Chances are I won't get this wish and will continue to imagine the world through Diesel's nose on our morning walks.

Snout beagle might make alittle more sense now. It's all about the snout. And the snout loves a new day.


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