Thursday, November 15, 2007

Some people's kids

Our company picnic was held on a Saturday in mid-September, the day after Mark and I returned from a trip to Maine and New Brunswick. Since our plane was seriously delayed on our return Friday and we didn't actually arrive home until 1AM on Saturday, Mark and Marvin took a pass on attending the picnic and Diesel and I arrived just as most people were leaving.

It's a tradition at our picnics for the adults to hijack the bouncy castle for a while and, since I missed that, Diesel and I took our turn after everyone but Jack, our copywriter's son, had left the castle.

Jack was pretty sure dogs aren't allowed in bouncy castles ... and, in all honestly, I was quite sure of that too. But, well, Diesel "insisted" so we made the exception. Just this once.

Some people's (furry) kids ...


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