Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Neighborhood surveillance

I wasn't always convinced I wanted Diesel to have a view outside from inside the house. He's a very quiet dog and I was apprehensive that while seeing people or dogs walk by he might be encouraged to start barking. He spent the summer outside earning this privilege. While on his tie-out in the front yard he watched the world go by, quiet as can be, even wagging his tail when the mailman came to the house. Okay, he's proved himself. He's just not a barker.

So a few weekends ago I thought I would do Diesel a favor by setting up a folding canvas camping chair in front of the living room picture window so he could enjoy the view outside. All of the windows in our house are higher than beagle height and he's not allowed on the furniture so this is a vantage point he doesn't have on a regular basis. He loved his new observation point … so much that he curled up in the chair and took naps, occasionally forgoing his beloved crate and spending an entire overnight in his chair.

The chair had it's drawbacks. First, it was a little low and the back got in the way of a clear view. More importantly, a camping chair in the living room isn't the most attractive addition. Not having the heart to take away the beagle's new prized lookout point, I felt an alternative would need to be found.

A trip to Target is all it took and now Diesel is the proud owner of a small square ottoman with simple, contemporary dark stained legs and a faux suede upholstered top. The perfect height and no back to impede his vision, he looks like royalty perched on his ottoman surveying the neighborhood. Unfortunately the ottoman is a little smaller than the chair and doesn't cradle him as securely when he's curled up in a dog-ball. That means the folding chair retains a position in the living room.

In the end it's a win-win situation. This is what I'm treated to when I come home for lunch:


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