Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The world got a little smaller yesterday

Last week Wednesday Mark and Diesel were on their way to the dog park in the OB (orange beetle). They were on a busy six-lane road traveling at about 40 mph when, out of nowhere, Mark heard something strike the car. It happened in a split second and when he looked in the rear view mirror he realized it must have been the large board that was splitting into pieces as it tumbled down the road, causing traffic to slow suddenly behind him. He pulled over to assess the damage to the car, hoping someone would stop to tell him they had witnessed the event. He noticed a pick-up truck pull over a distance down the road and a man got out dodging traffic to pick up the shattered pieces. Running over to him, Mark found out the man lost a large sheet of particle board from the back of his truck. After helping him gather the pieces they went back to the OB.

The man in the pick-up truck was apologetic and could see that he caused damage to the beetle. Mark showed him the piece of particle board that had lodged itself in the grille and they surveyed the car for further damage. Thinking that the damage would be rather inexpensive to repair the man offered Mark his name, phone number, and license plate number with the intention of cutting us a check for the repair rather than getting his insurance company involved. Later that evening Mark called him and they agreed that Mark would take the car in for an estimate the next day and report back.

The body shop scoured the OB for flaws and damage. The estimate wasn't pretty but the work was necessary to get it back to the condition it was in prior to the hit.
Apprehensively Mark called the pick-up truck driver. He understood and, since the estimate was higher than his deductible, the truck driver said he would have his insurance company contact us.

Which they did yesterday.

Mark told the woman on the phone the entire story starting with the fact that he was taking his dog to the dog park. After most of the business was taken care of, she asked what kind of dog we have. He said a beagle and mentioned that we adopted him from Crawford Area Shelter for Animals (CASA) after finding his profile on petfinder.com.

CASA serves southwestern Wisconsin. The insurance lady works at an insurance company in Madison. It turns out that she not only volunteers for CASA herself, but Timothy (Diesel's former name in his foster home) was one of "her" dogs. I take that to mean she was actively involved in rescuing him from the vet where he was turned in as a stray and left unclaimed. She remembers him well!

When Mark was describing this unexpected coincidence to me I automatically felt tears well up in my eyes. I have an unbelievable soft spot in my heart for Diesel's rescue situation and what a tragedy the outcome would have been had CASA not stepped in.

Since Mark passed this blog address on to our CASA hero (I would name her by name but not without her permission!), I want to say hello to her and to everyone else at CASA who might now see this. We are FOREVER grateful to you for the work you do and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for rescuing our little dog fellow and so many others in his situation. You are life savers to Diesel and in turn brought the greatest joy to our lives.

It is indeed a small world. Thank goodness for that.


Blogger Wendy said...

After reading the entire snout beagle blog my heart was full of warmth to know how lucky Disel aka Snalt is to have a great Mum and Dad like you guys. I am so happy he brings so much love to you both.

December 7, 2006 at 3:07 PM  

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