Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Giving thanks

I join the beagles in giving thanks for ... Thanksgiving!

Let me tell you, we all had a hard time crawling out of bed this morning at our workday rising time of 5:45. Once up, I was motivated by the fact that this is the last day of work before having off for the next four days. And having off for the next four days means sleeping until I wake up for the next four days. It's probably still fairly early by some people's standards, typically not past 8 a.m., but the chance to have a bit of a "lie in" (English term Mark brought over from across the pond) is certainly something to be thankful for.

In the summertime on our lie-in days, Diesel is first to get up, not long after the sun rises, waking me with tapping toenails on the wood floor, insistent whines under his breath, and C-shaped tail wags. But on these chilly, dark mornings of late fall even Diesel is snoring away when I make my way out of bed. And on our early workday mornings ... well, I practically have to put treats in front of their noses to rouse them out of sleep and convince them to join me for a morning walk.

Yes, it is a dog's life when I'm ready to head out the door for some
fresh air before the beagles even consider their morning stretches. Starting tomorrow I'll have a taste of that dog's life, and it is partially for that reason I am especially thankful for Thanksgiving!

Marvin vows to research pumpkin pie recipes online to ensure a slice in his bowl.


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