Monday, June 05, 2006

Diesel visits work today

I force-feed myself vegetables everyday at work. Well, I actually do really like the peppers so perhaps force-feeding is a bit harsh. I put single servings of broccoli or spinich or peppers or all of the formerly listed into small Glad containers for convenience and/or fun. At 10:15-ish I break out my mid-morning snack which today consisted of a piece of string cheese and spinich. I eat the spinich right out of the container like you would eat carrots. It is truly a snack, not a salad. People who walk past my desk are used to this grotesque display. I was down to a couple of final leaves when I saw a Diesel hair (one of the black ones) gracing the bottom of the container. It was not repulsive as would have been the situation had it been your average human hair. It made me smile. Hi Diesel, how's my little boy?

I just hope it wasn't a hair that was coated in his monthy flea and tick preventative. That would be somewhat unfortunate.

Where's my hair, man?


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