Saturday, November 18, 2006

Dog humiliation, 50% off original price

Yes, I am a sucker for a bargain. This ruins the surprise for next Halloween of course.

Recently Diesel acquired a new dog bed. It's his first official bed. He has blankets and crate pads and now he has a luxurious donut bed. When I brought it in the house I put it on the kitchen floor to unload myself of the shopping bags I was carrying. Mark called Diesel over and invited him to give it a try. Right there in the kitchen he curled up, put his head down, and let out a deep sigh. I swore he must have been thinking "It's about time!". Since he lives in the moment, however, his immediate contentment was probably more just his way of saying "thank you." Dogs are good that way.

He's lazy now, preferring the bed to most things. Even the lobster suit didn't stop him from taking a nap.


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