Friday, January 19, 2007

Tugging at heartstrings

A whole year later and Mark and I still visit These visits are typically benign. Just checking in. Seeing who's out there. Seeing how everyone is doing.

But every once in a while one special beagle stands out and pulls at the heartstrings. Badly.

There was a beagle named Belinda Mark fell in love with. She was in a foster home through BREW (Beagle Rescue, Education, and Welfare). She hadn't found her "forever home" yet but she was safe and well cared for.

Now I'm afflicted. There is currently a little two-year-old beagle boy at the Sheboygan Humane Society. His name is Matthew and he was surrendered because his family wasn't home enough so he started having housebreaking accidents. Excuses like this would keep me from working in a humane society simply because I would stop liking people.

Matthew's photo did me in. He looks so similar to Diesel and I know that laid-back eared expression. Matthew looks confused and lost. He doesn't know why he's not home. To top it off he's not used to being around other animals so I'd imagine the noise and activity is frightening to him. I'm sure the Sheboygan HS is as nice a place as it can be, but it's not a home and who knows how long he's allowed to be there until adopted.

Okay, enough. It's Friday and I'm supposed to be happy.

Easy solution? Go get him. Adopt him. Bring him home.

Mark and I talk about "another one" often enough. We know our resources are limited so don't feel it's something that would be wise. After all, we enjoy providing Diesel with an only-dog lifestyle. A Greenie® a day, the best quality holistic food, not batting an eye at an extra visit to the vet "just to be sure", the prized donut bed, the beagle transport crate in the OB ... all set for a single beagle. Diesel doesn't seem bored by us for the most part. He doesn't seem to long for the company of another of his kind. He more than enjoys his dog visits at the dog park but I think he enjoys his only-dog status once home just as much.

The best thing to do is leave well enough alone.

That still doesn't stifle the longing to take the hour-long drive to Sheboygan to pay Matthew a visit tomorrow.


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