Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sound sleeping

Last night I was woken to the sound of a beagle snoring. Loudly. I don't have a good guess as to who it was because I don't know who was sleeping where.

Since we brought Diesel home we've had a well-padded wire crate in our bedroom. Now that we have Marvin, the prized donut bed is moved from the living room to the bedroom each night so they each have a place to cozy up. Heaven forbid they share a bed! Marvin will let out a little growl if Diesel gives his bed of choice a second look. And if Diesel is curled up in his chosen spot and Marvin walks by, Diesel gives him a look of absolute disgust.

Anyway, they change their minds nightly as to where they prefer to sleep ... it's not like the prized donut bed is everyone's favorite all the time, nor is the cozy crate. Whoever comes into the bedroom first picks their spot and that's how the decision is made.

That's why I don't know who was making such a racket last night. The beagles came into the bedroom shortly after I had turned out the light and crawled into bed myself.

All I know is it was coming from the crate. It would have been a much easier situation to remedy had it been Mark snoring and I could have just nudged him with my elbow. Since that wasn't the case, I drifted in and out of sleep until the offending beagle woke himself up and adjusted his position.

Peaceful silence once again ... until the alarm clock went off.


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