Thursday, January 25, 2007

A bout of clumsiness

Earlier this week, while on our early morning walk, Diesel and I were both startled by a car quickly pulling up behind us. As we walked, we both turned to look over our shoulders to see what was going on. Turns out, rather than just stopping at the stop sign and then turning the corner to pass us, the car's driver decided to pull directly up to the mailbox behind us to drop in some mail. I quickly processed the situation, realized we were well out of harms way, and looked forward as I continued walking. Diesel on the other hand continued to look over his shoulder, which led him to walk directly into a frozen clump of snow. Poor thing practically fell flat on his snout. Of course, being the dog mum I am, I bent down to check that he was alright, stifling a couple of chuckles under my breath. Yes, it was funny.

Later, as I was leaving home from my lunch break, Diesel and I stood outside the back door waiting for Mark to lock up, as they were on their way to the dog park. Diesel took a wrong step, lost his balance, and slipped off the two concrete back door steps.

Twice in one day. I thought animals were supposed to be more graceful than this.


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