Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Mid-April in southeast Wisconsin. So very disappointing. Of course the beagle doesn't mind.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Polar opposites

Still ever checking our local humane societies web sites, I found myself drawn to this chocolate-colored fellow with a liver nose. Such a beauty and an unusual color. I paid a visit last night because curiosity always manages to get the best of me.

Oh, he *was* a beauty alright – when he stood still long enough to get a look at him. He's labeled a "green dog", meaning he's got unlimited amounts of energy, will need plenty of training to learn some manners, and will most likely need an experienced owner. Granted he's only 10 months old so he's still a pup, but this boy was a whirlwind. With a voice. He greeted us when we entered and left the room and apparently does plenty of talking while out on a walk.

The adoption counselor asked me about Diesel and came to the conclusion that the two probably wouldn't be the best match. Diesel is the older of the two and this young whipper-snapper is bossy. Even if they were together and Diesel gave him a warning bark or snap, chances are the pushy young fellow would be relentless and keep antagonizing Diesel rather than accept his warning. Ah yes, aggression situations. Not a good idea.

I felt for this chocolate-brown fellow though. Did he ever feel a moment of peace? Diesel exudes peace. I hope someone can lead him to a happy life soon.

As the adoption counselor and I spoke there was one thing that constantly punctuated our conversation – and that was having to scrape the chocolate-brown beagle, who was holding on with his front legs in a death grip, off our leg or arm or whatever he could get a hold of, and, well, having his way with it. Apparently he hasn't realized he's been neutered yet.

I got home and Mark breathed a sigh of relieve I wasn't pining to bring another beagle home. I gave Diesel extra hugs and kisses. I have a renewed appreciation for our peaceful hound.