Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ailment: Overall lack of enthusiasm towards one's job; general feeling of sadness, possibly hormonal; disappointment at waning sunlight in the early morning hours; undesirable feeling having nothing to look forward to and fear that feeling may last forever.

Remedy: Lunchtime visit to two beagles complete with boundless tail wags; leash up beagles for special walk through the woods (never mind this may put you back to work 15 minutes later than your lunch time allows); soak up the beagle enthusiasm towards anything and everything they encounter, as well as the sunshine, warm breeze, and fresh air; look up at the blue sky through the trees and consider looking up more often; promise to take the beagles' lesson of living in the moment with you throughout the rest of the day.

High probability of a bright afternoon. Smiles and laughter likely. Beagle enthusiasm, floppy ears, and general sweetness may be addictive in some.