Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diesel's second CPE trial

CPE trials – what a fun way to spend quality time with Diesel! This last Sunday we entered a trial in Round Lake Beach, IL. We entered three classes – Wildcard, Standard, and Jumpers, all Level 1.

Below are videos of our Standard and Jumpers runs. Standard was my favorite despite the fact that we had 33 faults (!) due to a blown contact on the dog walk and going well over time. But you'll notice Diesel is bouncing around and excited which is why it's my favorite run.
When I saw the judge, also a beagle mum, in the hall later she even pointed out that he did great with no sniffing and lots of enthusiasm. I'm glad we made a good impression – it's not all about winning ribbons!

I'll add more stories later, but for now here are the videos.

Standard Level 1

Jumpers Level 1