Wednesday, October 31, 2007

In the pumpkin patch

There was really no reason to buy dog Halloween costumes this year. Diesel has his witch costume and Marvin could have worn the lobster suit I bought on clearance post-Halloween last year. Not to mention the option of not putting dogs in costumes this year!

But when I was innocently walking down a main aisle of Target on a quest for toilet paper and pet costumes are displayed on an end cap *on sale*, I kind of lost control of the situation and decided I needed matching costumes for the pair of beagles.

The costumes were put to good use. I had the beagles on their tie-outs in the yard as I handed out candy to our trick-or-treaters last Sunday. They were great yard decorations and the kids loved them. The beagles, especially Marvin, loved the whole idea as well because of the extra attention and petting they got. There was only a momentary disruption when Marvin realized Diesel looked like a plush toy and started gnawing on his costume, causing me to separate them for a bit.

Since I had taken these photos for the blog, I dropped a copy off at a local pet store holding a photo costume contest. The chance to win a $75 gift certificate was incentive enough to enter. When I looked at the previously entered photos I realized that Diesel and Marvin were Pumpkins Number 4 and 5. Okay, perhaps not the most original costume around but I do have a matching pair. We'll see what happens.

Boo to you today!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Frustration (via gourd)

Marvin is a curious boy. Chances are good he'd never seen a gourd before so I thought I'd introduce him to our autumn decorations. Because of his unique reactions to new things, I knew it would make for some good entertainment.

I precariously placed the gourd just out of reach of his tie-out cable. Had I given it to him he would have "killed" it in an instant. (Diesel, in the background, is focused on bigger things.)

First there was some initial examination.

Followed by some barks of varying intensity …

Then some lunging, wriggling, and play bowing …

(Note the intensity.)
And finally, ultimate frustration sets in as the boy stands back, shuts his eyes, and barks at the gourd (and me!) continuously.

Okay. Fine. Marvin, you've had enough. I allowed him a nibble of the gourd and then traded him for a tasty treat. There was peace in the neighborhood once again.